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Insurgency NA Season 5 - October 20th Featured

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North America Season 5 is here! Come get the low-down on our 5th season of nonstop, competitive action.

I am happy (and relieved) to say that our Season 5 Placement Tournament has concluded! 

It was a great mix of matches, with three teams taking the remaining division 1 spots.

  1. Silent Chaos
  2. S3|2
  3. HPN


I have broken down all the teams into their respective divisions based on their performance in the tournament, round differential, etc. Check out the organization for this season HERE


This season will start October 20th, 10PM EST. Please refer to our rules for information on scheduling and gameplay. 


Scheduling and Maps

  • October 20th - October 26th - District
  • October 27th - November 2nd - Ministry
  • November 3rd - November 9th - Station
  • November 10th - November 16th - Market
  • November 17th - November 23rd - TBA


JOIN US!!! - Rules and Guide below!

We want ANY other teams that are interested to participate! Be sure to read our getting started guide and more importantly our competitive rules - check those links out! 

YOU ARE STILL ABLE TO JOIN IF YOU DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE PLACEMENT TOURNAMENT!!! We are looking for as many teams as possible. Try your absolute best to meet the deadline of 10/20, as it will be difficult to accommodate exceptions, but we will do our very best.


Join NA season HERE


*NOTE* Your team may not show up right away, this is because the DGL staff will need time assigning your team to a particular division! If you have any questions or are worried whether your team is registered, feel free to post on our forums or contact a staff member with any questions!


Hope to see you all out there on the battlefield!!!


Stay Fresh to Death,



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